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Eastenders drum beat

Eastenders drum beat

Name: Eastenders drum beat

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The beginning of the EastEnders theme tune, including its distinctive drum fill. Problems playing this file? See media help. The EastEnders theme tune was composed by Simon May in for ATV Music Ltd. He was the theme tune was rescored by May to include stronger drum beats and more background percussion. Eastenders.. you decide? Entertainment Chat. quavers, 3 quavers and 4 semiquavers. The last 4 beats are too quick to use a Duff sound!. The composer of the EastEnders theme tune has revealed that he tune's opening "doof doof" drumbeat sounds are synonymous with some of.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of EastEnders since it first The 9 'duff duff' drum beats have become an iconic part of the programme. KVR Forum Topic: 'Looking for 'that' Eastenders drum. (seriously)' - You know the start of the Eastenders tune? "doof doof doof-doof doofdoof The beat of a different drummer: An interview with Mattias Eklund from Toontrack. Click "show answer" to reveal the answer. Trivia Bliss has thousands of trivia questions and answers in all categories with printable quizzes.

Song: Eastenders theme tune [BBC] T | electronic/Roland tom-tom (normal tom will do; tuned) Cr| crash cymbal (or pad) HH| hi-hat (or hat pad). If you previously thought that the sound effects in the EastEnders' theme tune were drum beats, you were wrong. It was Aaron all along.